Mobilization & Demobilization

A major upfront expense of any project.  Meridian carefully manages its mobilization and demobilization plans.  We source the skilled workforce and ensure that all requisite plant, equipment and materials are on site at the start of the project and removed on completion.



In an extensive mobilization process, Meridian sourced and acquired the full inventory of machinery and equipment necessary to execute the project. In addition to large hydraulic tracked excavators, wheel loaders, and backhoes, four cranes (two 225 ton) were used. A 250-foot scow barge and 160-foot spud barges were used to handle the demands for pile-driving spreaders which were served by project tugs and skiffs.

The barges were configured to house the cranes, diesel and hydraulic pile and vibro hammers, the rigs and compressors capable of driving the 48″ steel piles. The smaller 120 foot deck barges were used to transport supplies and equipment to specific locations.

The two piling workhorses were the APE Model 200-6 Vibratory Driver Extractor; and the APE Model D70-52 Single Acting Diesel Impact Hammer.