Marine Construction

Using our engineered precast concrete dock systems in the construction of docks, marinas and bulkheads, we manufacture our own templates, precast piles, caps and slabs for a precision fit for any marine structure

Precasts on BVI cruise pier

BVI Cruise Pier

Fourteen pile caps were constructed on top of groups of six 36” piles. 56 precast steel reinforced slabs and forms were constructed on-shore to make the deck topping; each was installed with barge and crane.

The mooring dolphins were constructed on a group of sixteen 48” piles. For each dolphin, 160 cubic yards of concrete was poured. During the pour process, a procession of concrete trucks were ferried out to sea on a roll-on, roll-off barge and a boom concrete pump used to fill the pile caps.


Heritage Quay Cruise Pier Antigua

Heritage Quay Cruise Pier Antigua

The pier modifications consisted of constructing a 300′ long by 38′ wide pile supported extension at the west end of the pier. In addition, mooring and fender blocks were installed on the north side of the extension and existing pier.  Mooring dolphins and access catwalks were also constructed.