Meridian Construction was the civil contractor on the Phase 5 expansion. Meridian built all the structural elements which included the excavating into the hill and removing 25,000 m3 of soil and rock; drainage; concrete foundations for engines, exhaust stacks, fuel tanks and transformers: structural steel control rooms and engine hall. The work also includes the fitting out and infrastructure. The project was delivered in late 2016.

Meridian Construction recently completed the expansion of the BVI Electricity Corporation’s Pockwood Pond Power Station to accommodate four additional generators.

The extension consists of two Wärtsilä 9L46 gensets, the related auxiliaries and a new power house. The new Wärtsilä gensets run on light fuel oil with a combined output of 17 MW.

With this expansion the capacity of the power plant is now 60 MW.

The first two Wärtsilä gensets were installed at the Pockwood Pond site in 1995. Since then, the power plant has been extended to accommodate four gensets which were added two at a time. After this new expansion the power station comprises a total of eight Wärtsilä units.

This project showcases the modularity aspect of Wärtsilä’s Smart Power Generation power plants. Units can be easily and quickly added according to the demand.

100 percent of the electricity consumed in the British Virgin Islands is produced by Wärtsilä’s technology.

Meridian has undertaken all the original construction and subsequent expansion projects at Pockwood Pond which has seen the output increase 10x from 6MW to 60MW since it was first built.